Monday 15th April 2024

WhatsApp Adds New Feature: Copy Text From Images, Set Voice In Status

Meta-owned Whatsapp is one of the widely used instant messaging apps in India as well as across the world. It is now seen adding new features every now and then, and this is mandatory to continue also. Recently, Whatsapp has released two new features in iOS. iPhone users can now extract text from the images and set voice notes as a status update on Whatsapp. Both features were under testing for some time and are now widely available to iPhone users.

The ability to copy text from the image is only available to iPhone users under one condition. In the latest report, WABetaInfo says Whatsapp is rolling out the ability to copy text from images to all iPhone users having iOS 16. This software version is mandatory because iOS 16 is integrated with APIs to detect and copy text from the images. Even this requirement is the same for WhatsApp’s recent sticker maker tool that allows users to create stickers within WhatsApp itself.

The feature requires WhatsApp for iOS 23.5.77 update, although the report also mentions that certain users may be able to access the same feature after installing the earlier 23.5.75 version. Once it is available, the process of extracting text from images appears to be simple. When you open a text-filled image, a button to copy the text from the image will be visible. However, due to privacy concerns, you won’t be able to do that with “view once” pictures.

The facility to set voice notes as a status update is another fairly useful iPhone feature rolling out. Users must have the iOS 23.5.75 update of WhatsApp installed in order to use the functionality, according to WABetaInfo. It also appears to be a simple and useful procedure to set up a voice as a status. Go to the Status tab, click on the pencil symbol, then hold the microphone icon to begin recording. Existing voice notes in chat can also be posted as status by users. However, keep in mind that voice notes in status are limited to 30 seconds lengthy.

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AI-Powered Bing Chat Added To Windows 11 Taskbar

Microsoft has recently released an update for Windows 11 after adding the new AI-powered Bing search to the taskbar. This function will provide quick access to Bing Chat along with a bunch of new features.

The tech giant has also improved the widgets, touch mode, screen recording feature, and tabs inside Notepad on Windows 11.

In the taskbar, a new Bing icon will be visible within the search box, which provides the new chat reply experience in the search flyout. The users of Windows 11 will be able to quickly start Bing chats in Edge with access to Bing Preview. The company is planning to expand the new Bing preview.

To incorporate third-party options from Meta and Spotify, Microsoft is improving its widget system in Windows 11. Moreover, the users will also find an official screen recording tool and an improved touch experience. The Quick Assist app also has been revamped.

Besides this, the company is also opening up a preview of its Phone Link app for iOS so that users can connect their devices to Windows. This will enable the users to send and receive messages, calls, and notifications.

Moreover, users can manually check for new updates from Windows Update. These features will roll out broadly in the monthly security update release on March 14, 2023.

The company recently introduced the new AI-powered Bing into the preview for over 1 million users in 169 countries and expanded the new Bing to Edge mobile app and Skype.

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WhatsApp To Launch New Feature Soon To Edit Message

After Twitter and Telegram already have enabled the edit feature for sent messages, WhatsApp is now preparing to launch a similar feature for its iOS and Android users. The famous chatting app company is continuously working on a new feature that will facilitate users to edit their messages after they are sent.

This feature is currently under development for beta versions of WhatsApp for Android and desktop. According to WaBetaInfo’s latest report, the iOS version also gets the same treatment.

The report said that the new feature allows users only 15 minutes to edit their messages after they are sent. Edited messages will be marked with an “Edited” label within the chat bubble. Initially, the feature will be available only for text messages, but an improved version is expected to support editing options for documents, images, and videos.

The feature is highly expected by WhatsApp users, who have been requesting the ability to edit messages for a long time. Currently, the only way to correct an error in a sent message is to choose the “Delete for Everyone” option. Actually, there is no message editing option now. With the launching of the new editing feature, users can quickly and easily fix typos and errors in their messages.

Along with making the app more functional for users, the new edit feature is also expected to make WhatsApp more competitive with other messaging apps that already have this feature, such as Telegram and iMessage.

The release date of this feature for the public is unknown. However, it is under testing.

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