AI-Powered Bing Chat Added To Windows 11 Taskbar

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Microsoft has recently released an update for Windows 11 after adding the new AI-powered Bing search to the taskbar. This function will provide quick access to Bing Chat along with a bunch of new features.

The tech giant has also improved the widgets, touch mode, screen recording feature, and tabs inside Notepad on Windows 11.

In the taskbar, a new Bing icon will be visible within the search box, which provides the new chat reply experience in the search flyout. The users of Windows 11 will be able to quickly start Bing chats in Edge with access to Bing Preview. The company is planning to expand the new Bing preview.

To incorporate third-party options from Meta and Spotify, Microsoft is improving its widget system in Windows 11. Moreover, the users will also find an official screen recording tool and an improved touch experience. The Quick Assist app also has been revamped.

Besides this, the company is also opening up a preview of its Phone Link app for iOS so that users can connect their devices to Windows. This will enable the users to send and receive messages, calls, and notifications.

Moreover, users can manually check for new updates from Windows Update. These features will roll out broadly in the monthly security update release on March 14, 2023.

The company recently introduced the new AI-powered Bing into the preview for over 1 million users in 169 countries and expanded the new Bing to Edge mobile app and Skype.

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