Thursday 22nd February 2024

WhatsApp May Add Newsletters To Status Tab

Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is now rolling out new features in its application. A few days back, it was reported that the company was preparing to launch a new edit message feature to enable its user to modify the sent message easily. Now the company is reportedly redesigning its Status tab for Android beta to include a “newsletters” feature.

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As per a WABetaInfo report, the company is working on revamping the Status tab by adding two separate sections, i.e., Status and Newsletter.

The significant aspects of this redesigned section will be the inclusion of users’ subscribed newsletters directly in the Status tab, as well as the ability to search for newsletters by username.

Furthermore, status updates will be displayed in a horizontal layout like Instagram Stories.

Users who create and subscribe to the newsletter will have their phone numbers hidden to make their identity unrevealed.

Moreover, the report said that users would be able to control who they follow and who else won’t be able to view it.

It was reported last month that the company was working on a new private newsletter feature, a one-to-many tool for disseminating information.

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WhatsApp To Launch New Feature Soon To Edit Message

After Twitter and Telegram already have enabled the edit feature for sent messages, WhatsApp is now preparing to launch a similar feature for its iOS and Android users. The famous chatting app company is continuously working on a new feature that will facilitate users to edit their messages after they are sent.

This feature is currently under development for beta versions of WhatsApp for Android and desktop. According to WaBetaInfo’s latest report, the iOS version also gets the same treatment.

The report said that the new feature allows users only 15 minutes to edit their messages after they are sent. Edited messages will be marked with an “Edited” label within the chat bubble. Initially, the feature will be available only for text messages, but an improved version is expected to support editing options for documents, images, and videos.

The feature is highly expected by WhatsApp users, who have been requesting the ability to edit messages for a long time. Currently, the only way to correct an error in a sent message is to choose the “Delete for Everyone” option. Actually, there is no message editing option now. With the launching of the new editing feature, users can quickly and easily fix typos and errors in their messages.

Along with making the app more functional for users, the new edit feature is also expected to make WhatsApp more competitive with other messaging apps that already have this feature, such as Telegram and iMessage.

The release date of this feature for the public is unknown. However, it is under testing.

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