Saturday 22nd June 2024

Apple To Launch New Classical Music App On March 28

The Cupertino-based tech giant¬†Apple announced the great news that it would launch its new music app, i.e., “Apple Music Classical,” on March 28. It is built upon its acquisition of Primephonic, which is an Amsterdam-based streaming service. It will allow Apple Music subscribers to explore more than 5 million classical music tracks and high-quality audio for new releases.

In addition, the app will comprise a number of selected playlists, exclusive albums, and some other features such as biographies of composers and in-depth analyses of key works.

Currently, the app is available on the Apple store, and the user can pre-order it before its launch to download it soon when available. The app is coming as a standalone release in the App Store, and users with a standard Apple Music subscription can be able to access it.

According to Apple’s press release, Apple Music Classical is now only to be available for iOS, but the android version will be coming soon. The app will be only compatible with iOS devices with version 15.4 or more. The app will be available throughout the world where Apple Music is used. However, China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan will get this app service later.

The company also said that the app would also make it easy to find any recording from the catalogue of the world’s largest classical music. The catalogue is fully optimized so that listeners search and listen to classical favourites in the highest audio quality, including spatial audio.

The application will allow streaming music at up to 192 kHz/24-bit high resolution. Moreover, the Apple company claims that the app will provide accurate classical metadata, which is a great challenge for many music streaming platforms.

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