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Common Eye Diseases and Cure

Aging can affect a person’s eyes and sometimes people get annoyed by these changes but it’s not a serious health condition. For example, a person’s visibility and night vision might get worse because of aging. 

Eye lubricants can decrease over time, other than that there are many common reasons that cause irritation, gritty, and dryness in the eyes. Here we will find out whether are you facing any serious or minor eye disorders. 

What is an Eye disease? 

It is a health condition that affects a person’s eye function. According to the National Library of Medicine, millions of people suffer from eye disorders.   

Here are the symptoms of eye diseases. 

  • Eye vision isn’t cleared
  • Doubled vision 
  • Sensitive to light 
  • Dry eyes 
  • Tired eyes 
  • Redness in eyes 
  • Headaches 
  • Eyes are burning 

What are the Causes of Eye Disorders? 

There are many reasons that can cause eye disorders below I mentioned a few common types of eye disorders.  

Over Use of Your Eye  

Those who read a lot, work on a computer, and drive for hours they might suffer from eye strain. It occurs because just like other body parts eyes need proper rest. 

Lack of sleep or Infections Eye

Lack of sleep or Infections Eye

Strain and allergic eye is the reason red eye condition occurs. When a person’s eyes are infected then blood vessels expand in the sclera and the eyes look red. 

Lack of Vitamin A and Cataracts  

Vitamin A deficiency and cataracts diseases can cause night-blind eyes condition. 


Amblyopia eye diseases

If a person’s eye isn’t developed properly since childhood then it can cause amblyopia also known as lazy eye. 

Enough Quality Tears 

If a person can’t make good-quality tears that’s why dry eyes condition occurs. In this condition, patient might feel a burning sensation in the eye.  

Sensitive eye

Sensitive eye

If your eyes are sensitive to light, wind, and temperature change then you might suffer from excess tear conditions. Otherwise, dust or eye infections can cause excess tears. 

Prevent Eye Discorder 

Many ways you can protect your eye. 

  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Quit smoking. 
  • Wear sunglass to protect your eye from UVA and UVB. 
  • Wear protective glass to protect your eye from dust. 
  • Take a minimum of 8h rest. 
  • Clean your hands before touching eyes and maintain basic hygiene to prevent infections. 

When is the Right Time to Visit a Doctor 

If you are suffering from eye pain or other eye health issues for more than 48h or if you have these conditions mentioned below then do consult with an eye doctor.    

  • For some reason, if your vision isn’t cleared or you can’t see anything then do consult with an eye doctor. Because these are the diabetic retinopathy symptoms that affect your eyes and damage your eye blood vessels.   
  • Severe eye pain indicates some major eye health disorders such as Glaucoma and many more. Consult with an eye doctor to treat your eye. Many people lost their vision because of their negligence.
  • While seeing a light if you notice rings around the light that means it is the first stage of cataract disease and it can be cured with power glasses and proper medication still if doesn’t improve after 48h then consult with an eye doctor. 
  • If your eyes are in red or pink condition then you are suffering from eye infection and if it doesn’t go away within 24hr then consult with an eye doctor.       
  • Glaucoma symptoms are continuous headaches and if you are also having similar symptoms then do consult with a doctor.  
  • Sometimes if your vision isn’t clear then it is happening because of retina detachment. It’s a serious health condition so do consult with an eye doctor.  
  • If you are seeing a single image as a double image then do consult with an eye doctor. This problem is called double vision also known as diplopia. 


21 Home Remedies for Eye Disorders 

Salt Water 

Salt Water

Saltwater and alkaline are the best home remedies for your eye health. Mostly Alkaline is used to clean dirt from your eye. Saltwater has antibacterial properties which are good for your eye health. 


In a glass of water add one spoon of salt and then mix it. Dip a cotton then wipe your eye and continue the procedure for a few days for the best result. 

Green Tea Bags 

common eye disease home remedies

Green tea bags has soothing effects and anti-inflammatory properties which are good for your eye health. It helps you reduce eye swelling and make you feel relaxed. 

Warm Compress 

Eye diseases home remedies

A warm compress for two to three minutes can help you fight eye infections and relieve eye pain. Studies show that this method can cure some serious eye disorders such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis. 


Common eye disease home remedies

Rosewater is a common home remedy to treat eye disorders. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help to cure eye infections and many more. Bring some cotton and dip in rose water then rub it in your eyes. You can put a few drops in your eye. 


common diseases home remedies

Alovera contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties so you can use it to relieve pain and prevent inflammation. 


Bring 1 tablespoon and mix it with 2 spoons of cold water then rub the aloe vera cream in your eyes. 


common diseases home remedies

Tulsi contains anti-inflammatory properties and provides soothing effects. It prevents serval chronic eye infections. 


Boil tulsi leaves for 10 to 15 minutes then wait until its cools down. After that wash your face with tulsi water.   

Drink Water 

Human body is 70% of water so it is important to drink plenty of water in a day. If you drink minimum 3L to 4L water then your eyes will stay hydrated. 

Rine your eyelids 

Gently message your eye yields with lukewarm water to remove dirts from the eye. 


If you watch sunlight directly then there are chances that it will increase your eye pain and you might feel a little uncomfortable. Wear sunglass during summer to protect your eye.  

Essential Oil 

common diseases home remedies

The essential oil has antimicrobial properties and it helps you prevent eye infections. 


In the boiled water add three spoons of essential oil then cover yourself to inhale the vapor for a few minutes. 


common diseases home remedies

Honey is the best remedy to treat eye infections. It contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. 


Boil two cups of water then add two spoons of honey then mix it properly. Now, wait until it cools down. Now put a drop of honey mixture water in your eye.  

Castor oil 

common diseases home remedies

For some reason, if your eye is swelling then caster oil can help you reduce the swelling and prevent eye infections. Apply caster oil on both eyes then dip a cloth in warm water and keep it over each eye for 10 minutes. 

Cold cotton 

In the chilled water dip a cloth or cotton and keep it on your eye for a minimum of 5 minutes. 


common diseases home remedies

Cucumber has cooling effects that help you relax your eyes and reduce dark circles. Just cut two slices of cucumber then keep it on your eyes. 

Tomato, Turmeric Powder, and Lemon 

One spoonful of tomato pulp, a pinch of turmeric powder, and one teaspoon of lemon then mix it and apply on eyelids to prevent eye infection. 


common eye diseases home remedies

If you have burning effects on your eyes then sandalwoods paste is the best remedy. Apply the paste for 10 minutes then wash it. 

Cow Ghee 

common eye diseases home remedies

Put 2 drops of ghee in your eye it helps you prevent dry eyes. 

Use Cold Ice Bag 

If you are suffering from an eye infection or eye redness then a cool temperature can reduce the redness of your eye and prevent infections. Use an ice bag and kept on your eye to reduce swelling, eye pain, and many more.    


common diseases home remedies

It contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help to cure eye infections. 


Boil a cup of water then add one spoon of turmeric and mix it properly. Dip a cotton in the turmeric water then compress it for a few minutes.  


It is the best home remedy to prevent eye infections. According to a 2014 report it contains anti-inflammation properties.  


You should sleep a minimum of 6h to 8h per day. Give rest to your eyes otherwise there are chances that dry eye and other eye disorders might increase.  


Here in this blog we discussed what are the causes someone is suffering from eye diseases and how you can protect your eye. If you find this information useful then feel free to share with others. 




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