Air India Emergency Landing In Stockholm, Passengers To Reach Delhi On Friday

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An Air India flight (AI106) from Newark (US) to Delhi, carrying around 300 passengers, faced a technical problem on Wednesday and made an emergency landing in Stockholm, Sweden. The Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft landed safely, and all the passengers were secure.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) senior official said that an oil leak was spotted from one of the engines, so the engine was shut down, and the aircraft had to make an immediate emergency landing.

An Air India spokesperson, in the late evening, said that the airline official is in talks with Swedish authority to seek urgent approval for immigration clearance for those passengers who are still at the airport.

Later, Air India said that the stranded passengers were given Schengen visas and shifted to a hotel. It has arranged hotel accommodations and meals for all guests.

The airline also said the ferry flight would leave Mumbai on Thursday at 2 pm to reach Stockholm at 11 pm (local) to pick up the passengers. At 1 pm, the aircraft will take off from there to reach Delhi at 0800 hrs (IST) tomorrow.

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