Yantra to Accurately Predict Winning Gambling Numbers

This Yantra described by me on this submit is a really highly effective and efficient Talisman to precisely predict or calculate the successful numbers of gambling games, like Satta, Matka, Lotto or Lottery or different quantity video games wherein the outcomes are primarily based upon numbers.

The Yantra is a strongest paranormal and
numerical remedy to win in gambling sports and it’s composed of particular numbers and the very robust and efficient Mantra of the Mother Goddess – ॐ श्री श्री जगदम्बायै नमः –  Om Shree Shree Jagdambayai Namah

Jagdamba Mata is the Mother of the Universe and can also be referred to as as Ambika Mata, which is one other identify for Durga Mata, Bhavani Mata, Parvati Mata or the Adi Para Shakti who can also be worshiped because the Mother of the Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv Bhagwan.

Yantra to Accurately Calculate Winning Gambling Numbers

The Vidhi or process of constructing and utilizing this Yantra to precisely calculate successful numbers in playing video games is given beneath.

1] The Yantra must be ready on any auspicious day, like a Shubh Muhurat, Tithi or Yog or on the day of any Hindu Festival or on any Friday.

The practitioner ought to rise up early, have a shower and put on recent garments earlier than making the Yantra.

2] The Yantra may be ready on a Bhojpatra utilizing Raktchandana or Red Sandalwood because the ink and small pointed picket stick because the pen or on a bit of white paper utilizing a purple coloured pen.

3] Then, it must be positioned on a picket board or chowki and worshiped by lighting Diya and Dhoop earlier than it.

3] If the Yantra has been ready on a Bhojpatra, it must be put inside a silver locket and worn on the higher proper hand and if it has been ready on white paper, it may be laminated and saved on the physique, within the pocket or purse.

Even although, the Yantra accommodates the identify of the Adi Shakti Jagdamba Mata, the Tantra has not prescribed and particular type of worship devoted to the Universal Goddess for making and utilizing this Yantra. However, the practitioner can all the time do “Smaran” of the Mantra.

The Hindi language video of this Yantra Remedy to precisely calculate successful numbers in playing sports may be seen on our YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHN_ogzpVho 

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