Viral video: People fall, run as a ‘T Rex’ charges at them in this prank

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Although it’s a well-known reality dinosaurs are extinct, individuals couldn’t management their reflexes immediately seeing a T-Rex on the streets.

A brand new prank video, that includes what seems like a dinosaur, has taken the web by storm. Prankster Goubran Bahou’s newest video paperwork what individuals do when confronted by what seems like a small Tyrannosaurus Rex, that emerges from round a bend.

In the video, Bahou is first rounding a nook in panic. Curious passersby watch him run down the market road, however proceed on their manner. However, moments later, the massive head of what seems like a dinosaur emerges from across the nook.

Some of the individuals flip and run, others fall and normal hilarity ensues as the individual carrying the inflatable dinosaur costume emerges. In one case, a man falls to the bottom after spilling his lunch, and as the ‘dinosaur’ inches nearer, he tries to combat it off with an umbrella.

The video was first shared on TikTok and Instagram by the prankster, nevertheless it later went viral on Twitter with over 20 million views. While many mentioned that the video was hilarious, some prolonged their sympathies to those that fell. Many individuals admitted they may have reacted the identical manner.

This is hardly the primary prank by the prankster to go viral. Here are another posts by the prankster that have been considered globally:

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