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Before we take into consideration spending lakhs on constructing a home, consulting an astrologer to scrutinize the horoscope of the individual would show to be useful. Let me share with you the experiences of two individuals who got here to me.

One of them had began the development of his home ten years in the past. Ever for the reason that completion of the construction, no work has taken place till in the present day. Money was not a problem for this individual from the Gulf. The expertise of the second individual: The advance quantity that he had given in the direction of a flat was returned to him by the development firm asking him to search for one other flat.

Kerala Vastu Shastram

When the horoscope of the second individual was appeared into rigorously, it was discovered that the husband didn’t appear to have the future to personal a home. But the spouse had higher luck. Since a mortgage couldn’t be issued within the title of the spouse, it was completed in each their names. Last month, they carried out their housewarming ceremony.
In a horoscope, it’s the 4th Bhava that makes us begin to consider a dwelling. The horoscopes, with respect to the Lagna, having the next prospects reminiscent of auspicious planets standing within the fourth home, Drishti being brought on by the auspicious planets, the planet who’s the Lord of the 4th home additionally getting the authority of the Trikona rasi, the lord of the fourth home taking a place within the exalted state, Moola Trikona or personal home state, can be in a position to personal a home and stay in it fortunately.


  • If the Lord of luck enters the Kendra when the Lord of the 4th home is standing as essentially the most exalted, then the individual will the proprietor of a lovely dwelling.
  • If the Lord of the 4th home and the Lord of the Lagna stand collectively within the 4th home, surprising earnings about the home can be seen.
  • If there may be an interchange between the Lords of the 4th and seventh home, or if Venus or Lord of the 4th home even appears to be like on the Lord of the seventh home, you’re certain to obtain wealth and a home out of your spouse’s facet.
  • If Rahu stands within the 4th home, the development of your home won’t get accomplished. Even if you happen to handle to full the development, a lot of renovations can be in line.
  • If there may be an interchange between the Lords of the 4th home and the sixth home, you’ll purchase your home out of your enemies via the victory of a case.

Lords through different Houses:1st Lord in the 4th House

Attention wants to paid to primarily two issues. The stones wanted for the development of the home wants to be introduced over first. Secondly, don’t use the buildings of the previous home for the brand new one.

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