The 10% Quota Law – Judging from the Varshphal

In India reservations (quota) in jobs and better training for folks belonging to the underprivileged sections of society viz., Scheduled Castes (15%) and Scheduled Tribes (22.5%) have been in pressure for many years. In 1990, a 27% quota for Other Backward Classes (OBC) was launched, as really useful by the Mandal Commission. This takes a reservation to 49.5 %. In the previous, the Supreme Court set the restrict of quota at 50%. However, just lately the Union Government launched a Bill in Parliament for offering for a 10% quota for the “economically backward” folks of the so-referred to as higher castes. This takes the complete quota past 50 % and therefore the Bill was offered as a Constitution Amendment Bill requiring the help of not less than two-third members in Lok Sabha in addition to the Rajya Sabha. The Bill was offered in the Lok Sabha on January 8, 2019, and handed with overwhelming help. The subsequent day it was handed in the Rajya Sabha too. With the President’s assent, the Bill has now turn into legislation.

*The Longitude primarily based Arudha is computed in the similar method as the signal-primarily based, besides that the precise distance between the home cusp and its lord is taken into account. Jagannath Hora software program offers such Arudha at the click on of the mouse.

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Varshapal for 2018: August 15, 2018, at 4h. 36m. 12s. at 28 N49, 77E13 with a steadiness of two months and 12 days of Mars (Patyayani) Dasa at beginning.Rasi Chart Varshphal

Gujarat has turn into the first state to announce its implementation. Does India’s chart present this?

The Muntha is properly positioned in the 10th home and Muntha lord Mars is exalted in a Kendra conjunct Ketu. The Ascendant lord Moon is in the third home conjunct the 4th cum 11th lord Venus in the Varshapal chart for 2018 for the Indian Independence horoscope. Saturn represents the whole working (serving) class basically.


In India’s social hierarchy, sure castes are perceived to be superior/senior and known as higher castes. So the Sun will be taken to signify the higher caste folks. The sixth home represents, inter alia, service i.e. jobs. The Arudha of any home reveals the notion of that home. We also can take any planet as a reference and take into account the Arudha of every other home. So, taking the Sun as the reference level, the 10% quota in jobs (for higher caste) is proven by the Arudha of the sixth home and that in larger training, by the Arudha of the ninth home. The Arudha A6 (Sun) is seen to be Leol4° 6′ owned by the Sun himself whereas A9 00 (Sun) is seen to be Taurusl4° 6′. A6 (Sun) occurs to be very near the auspicious Bhrigu Bindu at Leol3°44′. The AlO(Sun) is seen to be Virgo 13° 8′. The Bill for the quota is proven by A3 (Sun) viz. Taurus8° 54′.

The Patyayani Dasa on January 9, 2019, was Ascendant – Saturn – Mars and on January 10, it was Venus – Venus – Moon. The Ascendant incorporates the Sun, the proprietor of A6 (Sun), Saturn occupies the sixth, Mars is in a Kendra whereas the Ascendant lord Moon and Venus are conjunct in the third home. Venus can also be the disposition of A3 (Sun) and A9 (Sun) —each in the 11th home. The Narayana Dasa on January Eight was Taurus – Scorpio-Aquarius and on the subsequent day, it was Taurus-Libra-Taurus. Taurus containing A3 (Sun) viz the Bill, was ruling throughout the voting durations on each days when the Bill was handed by the two Houses. Muntha lord cum 10th lord Mars (Parliament) is in trine with A3, A9, their disposition Venus and A10 and facets the Sun and A6.


With the Parliament passing the Constitution Amendment Bill offering for a 10% quota for the ‘economically backward ‘outside other quotas, a Pandora’s field of latest quota calls for is prone to be opened. This is as a result of the authorities’s transfer will see the 50% cap (already excessive) set by the Supreme Court being breached.

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