Shri Krishna Mantra to Win in Gambling

In this publish, I’ve written a couple of Satvik or Pure Shri Krishna Mantra to win in any type of playing, together with getting jackpots and enormous sums of cash in video games of likelihood like playing cards, lottery, roulette,  lotto, inventory market, Matka, Satta Bazaar, horse and canine racing, betting on cricket and ball video games and different types of playing and betting.

This is a really
interesting Mantra, which is extra like a Prarthana or Prayer and consists in easy to perceive Hindi language and it names the best and most well-known Game of Dice in historical past between the Kauravas and Pandavas that in the end led to the Great War of the Mahabharata.

The Game of Dice talked about in the Mahabharata, which is named as Dhyut Ya Chausar Ka Khel compelled Yudhisthira to gamble away his kingdom and every part possessed by the Pandavas, together with themselves and Draupadi, the spouse of the Pandavas.

Shri Krishna Mantra to Win in Gambling and win Jackpots and Lottery

However, because the wordings of the Mantra point out though the Pandavas misplaced the Game of Dice due to dishonest by Shakuni and the Kauravas, it was the lack of Dharma or Righteousness and in the end Hari or Shri Krishna intervened and made Righteousness overcome Evil.

The Mantra is specifically meant for individuals who don’t cheat or manipulate playing or different kinds od playing to their benefit.

There isn’t any Vidhi or any type of Siddhi Sadhana, Shubh Muhurat or anything wanted to follow this Mantra and as per the Tantra, the gambler who play the sport truthfully has to preserve meditating upon the Mantra, each time he’s engaged in playing or every other recreation of likelihood.


पांडवों ने खेला जुआ

कौरवों की जीत हुई धर्म की हार हुई

जब धर्म की हार हुई कृष्ण जी की जीत हुई 

जो हारे जग में जीत  उसी की होय

नाम ले हरी का सत्य का बीज बोय

नाम ले श्री कृष्ण का जीत धर्म की जोय

जो  जुआ खेले धर्म का हार कभी न होय

जय जय कृष्ण देव नमः ||


Pandavon Ne Khela Jua

Kauravon Ki Jeet Hui Dharma Ki Haar Hui

Jab Dharma Ki Haar Hui Krishna Ji Ki Jeet Hui

Jo Haare Jag Mem Jeet Usi Ji Hoya

Naam Le Hari Ka Satya Ka Beej Booya

Naam Le Shri Krishna Ka Jeet Dharma Ki Jooya

Jo Jua Khele Dharma Ka Haar Kabhi Na Hoya

Jay Jay Krishna Dev Namah ||

Notes- Even although, it is a Siddh Jua Jeetne Ka Mantra, it’s higher that the practitioner memorizes it by coronary heart earlier than really utilizing the Mantra throughout video games of likelihood.

This website doesn’t endorse any type of playing or video games of likelihood and believes that playing in a harmful habit. This website can not vouch for the effectiveness or success of this Mantra and therefore this publish has been written solely to give readers uncommon and attention-grabbing details about historic Indian Spells and Prayers.

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