Shabar Mantra for Good and Sufficient Food

The Mantra given on this publish is a Shabar Mantra that’s chanted for  for having ample good, healthful and nutritious meals in the home always. This is a Shabar Mantra from the instances of the Mughals within the Middle-Ages as might be seen within the wordings of this Shabar Mantra.

Food was a very powerful and wanted necessity in these days and being
self-sufficient in food was one one a very powerful indicators of abundance and prosperity of a family.

The Vidhi or process of practising this Shabar Mantra could be very easy and primary and it doesn’t have to be Siddh or Mastered by chanting it for a per-determined or prescribed variety of instances or performing any ritual, like a Havan.

Shabar Mantra for Good and Sufficient Food

However, as this Shabar Mantra has been composed in straightforward to grasp Hindi language it ought to be absolutely memorized earlier than utilizing it in your house for getting ample meals in your home.

To really use it in the home, the practitioner has to take some raw rice grains in his proper hand and chant the Shabar Mantra given under simply 21 instances to be able to infuse the rice grains with the facility of the Shabar Mantra.


तेल बाँधो तेलाय बाँधो बाँधो मोगल हाथी, अग्नि माता तोहि बाँधो रामपुरावधि साथी गौरा वैसलि बरा पकावै महादेव छानी दोहाई इश्वर  महादेव गौरा पारवती की ||


Tel Baandho Telaaya Baandho Baandho Mogal Haathi, Agni Maata Tohi Baandho Raampuraavadhi Saathi Goura Vaisali Baraa Pakaavai Mahaadev Chhani Dohaai Ishwar Mahaadev Goura Paarvati Ki ||

Then, the Shabar Mantra Infused Rice must be saved within the kitchen or close to the hearth the place the meals is being cooked.

The, rice can in a while be eliminated and immersed in water at some later date.

This easy Shabar Mantra Prayog must be practiced as and when wanted and even on a regular basis within the morning earlier than cooking the primary meal. The rice might be eliminated on the morning of the subsequent day and changed by different Shabar Mantra Infused rice after practising the identical Mantra Infusion process, which has been described above on this publish.

Note- All sorts of Shabar Mantras for most functions might be seen within the numerous sections of this website. 

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