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Saturn in 7th house

Saturn is probably the most merciless and cruel amongst all of the planets. It is well-known for its impediment inflicting qualities. But we should always at all times keep in mind that Saturn is the Karaka of Delay but it surely by no means denies. In some circumstances when Saturn turn out to be favorable, it may give immense good end result. It is named the Kingmaker in Astrology. It can throw an individual to hell and on the similar time it could possibly elevate individual to an incredible peak. When it’s Weak and troubled, it could possibly create Havoc and when it’s robust and dignified, it provides lot of useful end result. The 7th house is Specially necessary as a result of Saturn in 7th house turns into digbali or it will get Directional Strength. If you have no idea please learn My article on what is directional Strength in astrology.

What is 7th House

The 7th house in a Horoscope Deals with spouse, Marriage, Marital Happiness, normal prosperity, Trade and business, Foreign travel and Many extra. Being a Maraka House, it additionally offers with Death as effectively. It is the Counterbalancing pressure of the primary house. The Seventh house is precisely reverse to Lagna or Ascendant which represents self due to this fact 7th house signify Life accomplice or People with whom we combine and Socialise. It additionally signifies Partnership and Marriage can be a Partnership. It falls in the Kama Trikona or House of want. Karaka for 7th house is Venus.

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Effect of Saturn in 7th house

When Saturn occupies the 7th house, it features the ninth house by its third side. It additionally side the Lagna or Ascendant in addition to the 4th house of Happiness. Malefic Planet Like Saturn direct the fundamental important power of the person in the direction of Spiritual attainment by irritating the urge in the direction of sensual enjoyment. Necessarily it is a very sorrowful expertise however until materials urges are suppressed spirituality inside a person can’t prosper. As Saturn affect the Dharma house of ninth, it need to improve the spirituality inside you. So wanting from this angle, it’s a good placement for Spiritual progress. Presence of 7th house isn’t good for little one delivery as effectively. if it will get related with third and ninth lord by conjunction or side or Nakshatra it may give Foreign travel as effectively. As it features the Ascendant, it gives you Patience and willpower. You shall be very Disciplined, organised and Cautious. But if this Saturn is troubled and weak, it could possibly create animosity with Business accomplice or Spouse.

Saturn in 7th house:Marriage and Married Life

Marriage is essential occasion in our life and 7th house controls marriage. In normal being a pure malefic place of Saturn in the 7th house isn’t thought-about auspicious. The normal rule is that if Saturn is in the 7th house in a horoscope the native is devoid of marital happiness. This is predicated on the truth that Saturn is chilly and an impotent planet and when it’s in the 7th house the native might not have sexual urge or inclination in the direction of marriage. But if Saturn is effectively positioned for instance in personal Sign or in exaltation signal or in any other case robust or conjunct with Jupiter the native might marry effectively in time.

As it’s a Kendra House and Saturn being a Malefic planet turns into Strong in 7th house. When Saturn is effectively fortified and very effectively positioned in a chart, it provides many Good end result. People who has Saturn in 7th house perhaps enterprising, diplomatic, bold and have political success. Famous astrologer Alan Leo is of opinion that Saturn in the 7th house signifies no marriage or Late Marriage but when married the spouse is sober, reliable, fair-minded, hardworking and very prudent in spending cash. Though it’s not one of the best placement but it surely provides a secure marriage. Wife of such native specific love not by phrases however by habits. It provides spouse with affected person and maturity. If Saturn is benefic particular person will get numerous alternatives and progress after marriage. A powerful Saturn provides will get wealth and property from spouse facet. Long lasting prosperity can be attainable. But one Specialty of Saturn in 7th house is that it provides skilled ups and downs and lot of modifications in skilled life.

But When Saturn is Afflicted and weak in 7th house, it provides lot of Malefic Result concerning Marriage and Relationship.  If Saturn is in the 7th house some type of bother in the respect of marriage and conjugal life can’t be dominated out. If Saturn is in the 7th house in Association with the solar or the moon the native might not marry even. If the moon isn’t highly effective a conjunction of the Moon with Saturn right here can create adultery as effectively. But bear in mind all these unfavorable results shall be felt when Saturn is Malefic and weak. Saturn and Mars conjunct in 7th house might not give happiness in conjugal life. Weak Saturn in conjunction with Mars, Rahu or Ketu in the 7th house, specifically in a feminine chart, can point out widowhood. The distinction between the impact of Saturn and Mars is that Mars will create Problem and battle simply after marriage however Saturn will work as a Slow poison and the impact of it’s at all times felt after 8-9 years of Marriage. 

Special Effect of 7th house Saturn in Male Chart

When Saturn is in 7th house in a Male chart with Venus it signifies that your Marriage shall be Late however your Marriage shall be secure. But it guarantees Marriage. Marriage is not going to be denied. There is excessive likelihood that you may be in Business. If Saturn is Well fortified in a Male chart, it should bless you with a Very Good Professional Success.

Special Effect of 7th house Saturn in Female Chart

As i’ve acknowledged above that When afflict the 7th house in a feminine chart with Mars and Rahu, it creates Yoga for Widowhood. Specially the affliction of Saturn and Mars in 7th house of a feminine is very inauspicious. It causes Delay and additionally Conflict in Marriage. It is extra detrimental for Female. The mixture of Saturn with Jupiter in 7th house in a feminine chart additionally Causes Delay in Marriage. But It doesn’t trigger delay in a Male chart.

Now lets focus on what would be the impact of 7th house Saturn for various Signs. 

Aries: For Libra Ascendant Aries turns into the 7th house and Saturn turns into debilitated right here. So this isn’t placement for Saturn. When Saturn occupies the 7th house in Aries, it makes the Material facet extra Prominent in human Relationship. It might make you extra demanding together with your Spouse. You could also be susceptible to combine with individuals of Different caste and tradition. There is chance of infidelity amongst you and your accomplice. But as Saturn is fifth Lord for Libra Ascendant, Saturn in 7th house may give you Love marriage, if different components are additionally Supportive.

Taurus:For Scorpio Lagna Taurus turn out to be the 7th house and when Saturn occupies the Taurus, it turns into Strong as Venus the lord of Taurus is pal of Saturn and additionally Taurus is a hard and fast Sign and Saturn Like Fixed signal. For Scorpio Lagna Saturn is third and 4th lord and its placement in one other Kendra House is sweet for you. It may give you lot of travel. You can Marry Someone from Near to your individual place. But it may give you thirst for Power. So for Scorpio Lagna, Saturn in 7th house in Taurus Sign is total placement if it’s not troubled in any other case.

Gemini: For Sagittarius Ascendant Gemini turns into the 7th house. Gemini is a Airy Sign and Mercury is pleasant to Saturn. So it feels comfy in Gemini. But one peculiarity of this placement is that When Saturn occupies the Gemini signal in 7th house, regardless of what ever Position or mental standing you obtain, you’ll really feel that situation of your life has not been very Favorable. It gives you a Depressing feeling. If this Saturn is troubled, your Spouse will turn out to be a Social and Moral Responsibility solely. But in Gemini Sign in 7th house, Saturn will make you fairly moral and trustworthy. As for Sagittarius Ascendant Saturn turns into the 2nd and third Lord, you possibly can marry somebody recognized to your kinfolk and Neighbors.

Cancer: For Capricorn Ascendant Cancer is the 7th house. Saturn turns into the Ascendant Lord and when Saturn goes to 7th house most cancers it features the Lagna and therefore the affect of Saturn in your character shall be much more outstanding. It is Possible with Saturn in most cancers in 7th house, it’s possible you’ll marry somebody out of your work place and your spouse could also be instrumental in your skilled Success.

Leo: For Aquarius Ascendant Leo turns into the 7th house. But Leo is a Fire signal and Sun is arch enemy of Saturn. So it’s not very comfy in Leo Sign. If Your Saturn is in Leo signal in 7th house, you possibly can anticipate some delay in your Marriage. You can also face some variations with Your Wife. But it’s good Placement for Foreign travel as Saturn turns into the 12th Lord. If there may be different favorable mixture current in Rasi chart and Navamsa Chart, having a Foreign Spouse can be Possible.

Virgo: For Pisces Ascendant Virgo turns into the 7th house. Virgo is a earthy signal and its Lord Mercury can be pleasant to Saturn, So it’s fairly comfy in Virgo. For Pisces Ascendant Saturn turns into the 11th Lord. So Saturn in 7th house for Pisces ascendant is an effective placement and could make you a Businessman. It may also offer you acquire from Foreign Travel or Import-export Business. It may also offer you Spouse from Foreign nation as effectively.

Libra: For Aries Ascendant Libra turns into the 7th house. Saturn turns into exalted in Libra. So Saturn in 7th house for Aries ascendant is an effective placement. It additionally turns into the 10th and 11th house Lord. So Saturn in Libra for Aries Ascendant is a a indication that you could be go for Business and your incomes shall be by Self employment. It additionally signifies that you could be marry somebody who’s having good standing and Position. You shall be Lucky interns of Marriage. In this place Saturn usually don’t give Late marriage.  You could have a well timed Marriage. Saturn in 7th house for Aries Ascendant may give Powerful and Leadership Position.

Scorpio: For Taurus Ascendant Scorpio turns into the 7th house. For Taurus Ascendant Saturn is the Yogakaraka or most useful planet. So Saturn in 7th house for Taurus ascendant is an effective placement as you may be Lucky from Your spouse and your Luck can enhance after Marriage. This is an excellent place for spiritual progress as effectively. You may also have occult data and greater knowledge.

Sagittarius: For Gemini Ascendant Sagittarius turns into the 7th house. Saturn provides greatest end result in Jupiter Sign and Navamsa. If you don’t what’s Navamsa please learn my full information about Navamsa chart and How to Read Navamsa. So Saturn in 7th house for Gemini ascendant is a Good Placement. As Saturn turns into the ninth Lord and eighth lord for Gemini Ascendant, it should undoubtedly create some delay and obstacles in Marriage. But Marriage shall be good for you. You can even get Opportunity to travel Foreign nation as effectively.

Capricorn: For Cancer Ascendant Capricorn turns into the 7th house. This is the personal signal for Saturn and it turns into fairly completely satisfied right here in Capricorn. So Saturn in 7th house for Cancer ascendant is an effective placement and additionally, you will have a cheerful and peaceable Married life. It may give delay however as soon as Marriage will occur, it gives you a secure Marriage. Your incomes can even be good and additionally, you will get good respect in your loved ones.

Aquarius: For Leo Ascendant Aquarius turns into the 7th house. It is the Moolatrikona signal for Saturn. So Saturn is comfy and robust in personal Sign.So Saturn in 7th house for Leo ascendant is an effective placement for Marital Bliss. But as Aquarius is indicative of one thing in opposition to the Social norms, so Saturn right here may give you Marriage or Relationship exterior your individual Community and you’ll not hesitate to interrupt Social custom as effectively.

Pisces: For Virgo Ascendant Pisces turns into the 7th house. As i’ve acknowledged earlier additionally that Saturn provides good end result in Jupiter Sign. So Saturn in 7th house for Virgo ascendant provides end result in unafflicted. Saturn turns into the fifth and sixth house Lord and therefore it may give you Love Marriag. But if troubled it could possibly create and downside in Married life as effectively.


Placement of Saturn in 7th house is in normal not good. It provides undesirable end result even when positioned in personal Sign or exaltation signal. If Saturn is Retrograde and occupies the 7th house, the unfavorable impact shall be felt extra. But it’s much less dangerous than Rahu or Mars or Ketu. Malefic usually creates stress and downside in Conjugal Life. But to return to any Conclusion we should examine all the Horoscope to know How the Married Life shall be. So we will conclude that 7th house Saturn isn’t good for Married life until there may be different useful affect. If you may have Saturn in 7th house in your chart, you shouldn’t marry an individual with related placement. Proper Horoscope Matching is Suggested in Such circumstances.

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