Saturn and Moon Conjunction-Effects & Remedies of Vish Yoga

Saturn and Moon Conjunction

Saturn-Moon conjunction means when each Saturn and Moon are in Same Sign of your Horoscope.  Saturn and Moon Conjunction in Horoscope is Not Considered Good for Materialistic Success and achieve. It is also called Vish Yog and if this Yoga Occurs in seventh home or Moon/Saturn has any reference to seventh home, it’s also Known as Punarphoo Dosha. The outcomes that we’ll talk about right here may even be relevant in Moon-Saturn Sign trade or Moon-Saturn Mutual side as effectively. It is a tough Yoga like Saturn-Sun Combination in Horoscope.

Nature of Saturn

Saturn is chilly and extraordinarily sluggish Planet. It represents self-discipline,construction, Hard work and so forth. It represents Air Elements and labor class folks or unprivileged folks of the Society. It is a Strict Teacher who teaches by means of Punishment and make one notice the aim of Life. It additionally indicative of Philosophy and Spiritualism. Saturn guidelines over the Karma. It provides us consequence of our Past Deed. No one can escape from the Hands of Saturn, not even God. It additionally signifies profession. So a powerful and unaffiliated Saturn will assist to have progress in Career.

Nature of Moon

Moon is an Emotional Planet. It is the Queen of the Planetary Kingdom. It Rules our Mind, Emotions, Feelings and so forth.  It is totally Opposite in Nature from Saturn. It is imaginative, Sensitive and fickle minded. So when Two utterly totally different Planet conjunct in a Chart, it makes extraordinarily tough for the each planet to perform correctly.

Effect of Saturn-Moon Vish Yoga

Saturn has been considered Most malefic. There is not any different planet which is as Cruel as Saturn is. Saturn creates a sense of detachment from the worldly affairs and creates curiosity in spiritualism. Saturn has all the time produced actual saints like Ram Krishna Paramhansa. Saturn creates miseries in order that the native could also be indifferent from the peripheral pleasures and glamour of life and could proceed in the direction of the trail of actual attainment. Any planet, related to Saturn, will both make him a king or beggar, relying on their positions within the horoscope.

When Moon and Saturn are conjoined, This mixture retains You frightened and devoid of happiness. At least the true happiness is absent. You Will face innumerable miseries all through and stays disturbed even in the very best days of his life.

The mixture of the Moon with Saturn is all the time hostile however the adversities is not going to be excessive, if conjunction takes positioned in Libra or Capricorn or is aspected  by Jupiter. Even if the mixture of Moon – Saturn is auspicious in any horoscope, it’s going to give psychological gloom, melancholy and fear, except strongly aspected by Jupiter.

However, if mutual trade of Moon and Saturn takes place, in respect to Kendra and trikona, the Raja yoga is fashioned and could promote the you to Very High Level. For Libra ascendant, the lord of 4th and 5th home is Saturn. If it occupies the 10th home and the 10th lord Moon if Occupies the 5th home, there will probably be mutual trade between the lords of the 10th and 5th home , and that may consequence into a really excessive skilled and monetary elevation of the native and You could lead a kingly life. If Saturn and Moon conjuncts in 10th home Cancer, it Will additionally create a Raj Yoga. Similarly, for Scorpio ascendant, the mutual trade of the 4th lord Saturn and the 9th lord Moon will make the native very affluent and joyful.

So each Scorpio and Libra Ascendant this Yoga is very Beneficial and will give lot of Auspicious Result.

Moon is the Natural Significator of Mother. It just isn’t good for Relationship with Mother. In any case, the native doesn’t have clean relations along with his mom. The native turn into poor and leads a depressing life. If son’s enmity in the direction of mom is bigger, Saturn is stronger than moon. This yoga is more practical until 14 years of age of the native.

But this Yoga is Very Good for Spiritual Progress and Metaphysical Life. Swami Vivekanaanda had this mixture in his Horoscope. With this Combination, One will get inclined in the direction of spiritualism, after going through limitless worries and main a life full of problem and Hurdle. A time comes when Saturn provides sense of detachment to the native, from all worldly involvements, deceits, greediness, false glamour and sins. He turns into a sage or an actual preceptor in outdated age.

The Moon and Saturn Yoga is sweet for Success Away out of your Birth place. If you could have this Yoga in your chart, you’ll have lot of travel in your Life. It can even Help you in getting Success in Foreign Land. It can also be Good for Business associated to Liquid product like Wine, Mineral Water, Oil, Chemical and so forth.

The Moon can also be Indicator of Government Specially State Government. Saturn is the Indicator of Profession. So When each of these Planets are Associated it’s going to enable you in getting a Govt Job. But keep in mind , with this just one mixture you Should not predict Government job. You can learn our Detail Article on Government Job combination.

Effect of Saturn-Moon Combination on Marriage

When this mixture happen in seventh home, it’s Known as Punarphoo Dosha. The conjunction of Moon and Saturn within the 7th home is tough to guage. The hostile impression of the 7th home on marital relationship, criticizing angle of one another’s households and variations of opinion and quarrels on petty issues. This mixture can even give delay in Marriage and even you’ll be able to face Some downside in getting Married. Engagements can break even after finalizing of all the pieces.

Since Saturn is a sluggish transferring planet, the variations between husband and spouse develop for one purpose or the opposite slowly and steadily. With this mixture both of the households intervenes within the issues to deliver compromise. However, typically this intervention doesn’t remedy the issue slightly provides poison between the 2, the last word consequence of which is separation and divorce. A deep examine of horoscopes of each would give an concept in regards to the last final result within the disputes.

Saturn helps the home occupied by it, and damages the home on which it has direct side. Thus the 7th home is for companionship with the alternative intercourse, and Saturn helps in getting it and helps in its continuance additionally. But as a result of Saturn in 7th home usually has direct side on the 1st home, which governs the character causes hurt to the particular person himself.

These are Some Broad Result about this Widely Discussed Saturn and Moon Conjunction. The Results will differ as per Ascendant, Strength of Saturn and Moon, Lordship of each these planets and so forth. The Result of the conjunction will probably be extra outstanding when the will probably be tight. When the diploma of two planet is greater than 10 diploma, Such conjunctions solely give very weak Result.

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