Ridge Gourd Tambli Recipe – Spicy Ridge Gourd in Coconut Curry by Archana’s Kitchen

Ridge Gourd Tambli combines the standard preparation of tambli, a chilly curry made with curd (or buttermilk) with floor spices and coconut, with the common-or-garden ridge gourd. Many mistake this to be a tasteless, fibrous vegetable, however it has innumerable well being advantages. By combining it with a chilly curry, greatest had with sizzling rice and a dollop of ghee, it makes a comforting and healthful major element of any South Indian meal. Serve the Ridge Gourd Tambli together with hot steamed rice for lunch or a fast weeknight dinner.

Did you already know: Ridge gourd has many dietary advantages as it’s loaded with fibers, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. From an Ayurvedic viewpoint, ridge gourd will increase vata and kapha, however it cools down and pacifies the dosha pitta in the physique. Known to be an efficient blood air purifier, it boosts liver well being too. Also very low in saturated fats and ldl cholesterol, it is a perfect vegetable to incorporate in a weight loss plan for many who are searching for weight reduction.

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