Researchers develop shoe insole that could help treat diabetic foot ulcer

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Ulcers are typically brought on when excessive blood sugar injury nerves. (Source: File Photo)

While it’s identified that diabetes may cause ulcers, a shoe insole has been developed by researchers at Purdue University that may help within the therapeutic course of. According to a report in Science Daily, ulcers don’t heal on their very own and round 14-15 per cent of diabetics within the US are badly affected by it. Some additionally find yourself shedding their leg, foot or toes.

Ulcers are typically brought on when excessive blood sugar injury nerves. This, in flip, renders the ft or the toe with none sensation. After the pores and skin fails to really feel ache, usually the pores and skin tissue breaks down and types ulcers. The presence of sugar within the bloodstream additional slows down the restoration course of. “One of the ways to heal these wounds is by giving them oxygen,” says Babak Ziaie, professor at Purdue University. “We’ve created a system that gradually releases oxygen throughout the day so that a patient can have more mobility,” he added.

“We typically treat ulcers by removing devitalised tissue from the surface of the wound, and by helping the patient to find ways to take the weight off the affected foot,” says Desmond Bell, a podiatrist in wound administration and amputation prevention on the Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. Bell can be the founding father of the Save a Leg, Save a Life Foundation.

“The gold standard for treating an ulcer is a patient wearing a total-contact cast, which provides a protective environment for the foot. If we could test how well this insole delivers oxygen to the wound site from within the cast, then this could be a way of aiding the healing process,” he added.

The researchers at Purdue have used lasers in an effort to form the silicone-based rubber into the insoles. There are additionally reservoirs that would help in releasing oxygen close to the a part of the foot which is infested with ulcer.

“Silicone is flexible and has good oxygen permeability,” Hongjie Jiang says, a postdoctoral researcher in electrical and pc engineering. “Laser machining helps us to tune that permeability and target just the wound site, which is hypoxic, rather than poison the rest of the foot with too much oxygen,” Jang added.

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