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Lakshmi Mohan

“Where words fail, music speaks,” Danish creator Hans Christian Andersen as soon as stated. While it’s true in lots of situations, it’s no completely different for Lakshmi Mohan, a resident of Nanganallur, Chennai.

Being a Carnatic vocal artiste, for she is a music therapist and works extensively with autistic kids. Recognising her accomplishments, she was awarded with ‘Kalaimamani’ in vocal class.

The seed was sown accidentally 18 years in the past, Lakshmi tells News Today. Way again in 2000, she learn that raagas may help heal individuals with autism; she didn’t consider and rubbed it off.

However, Lakshmi wished to delve deep into the influence of music on such kids. “Following which I volunteered at a school for teaching bhajans where I interacted with differently-abled children that changed my life altogether,” she recollects.

Lakshmi was anxious about how the autistic kids would perceive, however one incident motivated her. “Once I had to take a break for a week.”

However, she was stunned to understand how one baby requested about my absence. Recalling the incident, she shares, “One of the teachers told me that one of the children was standing near the gate expecting my arrival. The child began rendering the bhajan I sang when the staff took him back to the class, asking about my absence.” Slowly, the dad and mom requested the 48-year-previous artiste for separate classes to be dealt with.

‘The kids went again residence and sang at any time when they felt like doing so. On seeing which, the dad and mom felt elated on the event. Following which, she started doing music remedy and the power grew to 70 from one, in a gradual method.”

For the welfare of deserving individuals from underprivileged group, she does music remedy totally free of price. Lakshmi started exploring a number of niches of autism. As years grew by, she printed books associated to the identical titled – My Musical Journey and Ivargalin Isai Payanam in two components based mostly on the suggestions obtained from the dad and mom.

Asked why she penned two books in Tamil, she says, ‘During the time of publishing, several parents and care-takers did not have understanding about neurological disorders and to aid the same I chose to express in the vernacular language.’The therapist has up to now written round 32 books associated to autism and the position of music in bettering them.

Lakshmi has even documented the lives of such individuals who possess extraordinary expertise. Giving an instance, she provides, “One of my college students, Aishwarya (38), is proficient in cracking jigsaw puzzles, about which I wrote in my novel Beach’ Peter Sir’ Lollypop. Similarly, my different novels Singam… Pena… Dora and Sivappum Sila Enkalum speaks about artwork and the capability of remembering automobile registration numbers, respectively.” However, she shouldn’t be accomplished but. Soon, Lakshmi goes to publish Advaita and Autism, mixing two completely different ideas.

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