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Continued from: More on the Evil of Dustanas – Part V B

And, such a Saturn, as splendid lord of the 4th and the fifth, with the lords of Ascendant and of the eighth Venus and Mercury lifted him very excessive, in line with the dictum that if the lords of the ninth and the fifth are with the lord of the Ascendant in a Kendra apart from the seventh, the native turns into a king of kings. But, now I’m referring to the chart the place the evil of the Moon, lord of the 10th in the 12th, with Mars in the 12th was a mere Apavada Yoga, by no means hurting nor even touching the native materially as the Dasas of the planets in the 12th by no means ran in his life after his 10th 12 months.

Similarly, I used to be proven a horoscope of a male born in Scorpio, with Venus in the fifth in Pisces, the Sun in the sixth in Aries, the Moon in Taurus in the seventh and Jupiter in the ninth in Cancer born in Rohini Nakshatra. So, he began iife with the Moon Dasa. I informed him, of the 4 exalted planets, the Sun in exaltation in the sixth is not any good; for, although the Sun could also be in the sixth in exaltation, the lord of the 10th in the 6th with out benefic side just isn’t good and will trigger evil; however, fortunately, the Sun Dasa won’t ever run in his life. His Venus, lord of the seventh and the 12th in the fifth in exaltation and the crescent

Moon, lord of the ninth , in the seventh gave him a superb spouse from a effectively-to-do household. And, as Jupiter, lord of the 2r.d and the fifth, is in the ninth in exaltation and his lord of the ninth Moon is exalted in a Kendra, made him lucky. He was disenchanted  in not securing a category in B.Sc. But, he simply received a job in a Mumbai firm and is effectively-off. His Jupiter Dasa provides him Anubhava Yoga and the evil of his lordship of the 10th in the sixth has grow to be happily, a mere Apavada Yoga, giving at the worst mere pinpricks in the sub-intervals of the in poor health-positioned planet.

Before concluding, I want to impress that this Apavada Yoga is totally different .from the generally know Yoga for Apavada or dangerous identify or scandal, on account of the lord ofthe 10th in the 6th or the Sth or the 12th or of a malefic in the Sth particularly when he’s a pure malefic additionally, and his dasa.

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