Mantra to Protect Any Place from Lightning Strike

In this publish, I’ve given a quite simple to chant and follow secret safety Mantra to cease a lightning strike and insulate any particular place, like a home or constructing from the hazards of being hit by lightning.

Protection Mantra, which is known as Damini or Bijli Se Suraksha Paane Ka Mantra within the Hindi language is way less complicated to implement than another Mantras for a similar goal that had been revealed earlier on this website over the previous a few years.

The Mantra may be practiced at any time of the day or evening each time the practitioner is fearful that the place the place he positioned is in peril from being hit by a lightning strike.

Mantra to stop lightening

The Mantra Prayog Vidhi is given beneath

The practitioner has to take some Masoor Ki Dal or Orange Lentil in his proper hand and infuse the Masoor Ki Dal with the pressure of the Mantra by chanting the Mantra as soon as and throwing the Masoor Ki Dal in that place to safeguard it from a lightning strike.


ॐ प्रज्वलित जो गर्जती ता ता ता ||


Om Prajvalit Jo Garjati Ta Ta Ta ||

The process talked about above is all that has to be finished so as to follow this Paranormal Mantra Remedy for Protection from Lightening.

Notes- The process of gaining Siddhi or Mastery over this Protection Mantra will not be offered. Hence, it is vitally a lot doable and the key key for unlocking the inherent powers of this Mantra is offered solely with a choose few Sadhaks.

However, it’s also probably that it is a Siddh Suraksha Mantra and success relies upon upon the sheer will-power and depth with which the practitioner practices this Mantra Experiment.

Protection Mantras for all functions, together with safety from pure disasters, thieves, enemies and ghosts and spirits may be seen within the varied sections of this website.

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