Mantra to Make Even Adverse Planets Favourable

In this put up, I’ve written about an Astrology Mantra, which is claimed to make all hostile, dangerous and malefic planets favorable and useful. It is claimed that the optimistic outcomes may even be gained instantly by beginning the chanting of this Magical Jain Mantra.

The composition of the Mantra is straightforward and it addresses all of the 9 important planets as per conventional
Hindu Astrology and Jyotish Shastra, so as to take away any ill-effects of any planet that is perhaps creating issues for the practitioner and hindering his progress in life.

Astrology Mantra to Make Even Adverse Planets Favourable

Soma – Moon
Surya – Sun
Angaraka – Mars
Budh – Mercury
Brihaspati – Jupiter
Shukra – Venus
Shanishchara – Saturn
Rahu – Dragon’s Head / North Node
Ketu – Dragon’s Tail / South Node


ॐ ह्रीं सर्वे ग्रहाः सोम सूर्यांगारक बुध, बृहस्पति, शुक्र, शनिश्चर, राहू, केतु सहित सानुग्रहा मे भवन्तु |

ॐ ह्रीं अ सि आ उ सा स्वाहा ||


Om Hreem Sarve Grahaah Soma, Sooryaamgaaraka, Budh, Brihaspati, Shukra, Shanishchara, Rahu, Ketu Sahita Sanugrahaa Me Bhavantu Om Hreem A Si Aa U Sa Swaha ||

The Mantra is useful for all those that are affected by something associated to malefic combos of their Horoscopes or inauspicious and dangerous planetary transits and Dosha, like Shani Sade Sati, Peeda associated to Rahu and Ketu and for eradicating the adverse side effects of Kaal Sarp Dosha.

People affected by Mangalik Dosha or these having lack of Guru Bal of their Kundali also can chant this Graha Peeda Nashak Mantra.

There are not any guidelines or particular types of worship prescribed for chanting this Mantra, nevertheless, as it’s a Jain Mantra, the practitioner ought to all the time preserve cleanliness and hygiene.

There isn’t any prescription relating to the variety of Mantra Chants which have to be chanted so as to make the Mantra work. As per the Tantra, the Mantra can begin working after even a single chant.

However, the practitioner has to first totally memorize the Mantra earlier than really beginning the Mantra Chanting.

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