Mantra for Vashikaran, Maran, Uchchatan and Santan Prapti

In this submit, I’ve written a couple of Mantra that can be utilized for Vashikaran of everybody or a strong individual, Maran and Uchchatan of enemies and Santan Prapti or Child-Birth and for another functions.

I’ve given details about Four totally different Mantra Experiments that may be practiced with the identical Mantra, the process is nearly the identical for every of those 4 Experiments, besides {that a} totally different number of flower must be used for every Mantra Experiment.

The Vidhi or methodology of training the 4 Mantra Prayogas is given under.

1] Vashikaran of a Raja or Powerful Person
Performing a Havan by providing Gurhal Flowers [Hibiscus Flowers] to the Havan by providing the Flower and chanting the Vashikaran Mantra given under 1000 occasions is claimed to place a Raja below a Vashikaran Spell. Raja or King in at this time; s occasions are stated to incorporate all powerful and influential people, like Ministers or these ready of authority who’re empowered to make selections that may have an effect on the destiny or fortune of different individuals.

The phrase Amukim within the Mantra ought to be changed with the identify of the focused man or girl who’s desired to be put below the Voodoo Attraction Spell.


ॐ सिद्धि रक्तचामुंडे धुरं धुरं [ अमुकीं ] वशमानय स्वाहा ||


Om Siddhi Raktchamunde Dhuram Dhuram [Amukim] Vashamanaya Swaha ||

2] Vashikaran of Every Person or Sarvajan Vashikaran

The identical Mantra can be utilized to solid a collective spell of attraction on many individuals on the identical time.

The identical process talked about within the first experiment must be adopted, solely the Gurhal Flowers have to get replaced with Kaner Flowers [Nerium oleander]

There isn’t any want to vary the wordings of the Vashikaran Mantra.

3] For Maran and Uchchatan of Enemies
The identical Mantra can be utilized to uproot and throw away enemies out of your life and environment or destroy them. The finish consequence will rely on the particular want of the practitioner or if he needs to throw away the enemy, the enemy will run away or if he desires to destroy the enemy the enemy will probably be annihilated.

The identical Vidhi is to be adopted and the Semal Flower [Red colored flower of the Indian cottonwood, Indian kapok or Red Silk Cotton Tree] must be provided to the Havan.

The phrase Amukim ought to be changed with the identify of the enemy.

4] For Santan Prapti or Birth of a Child
Those wishing to gain progeny can even use this Mantra to satisfy their needs.

The identical Vidhi described within the third experiment is to be adopted, solely the flower for use is Juhi Ka Phool or the Jasmine Flower.

The phrase Amukim within the Mantra ought to be changed with the identify of the woman who needs to provide start to the kid.

Note- I’ll write in regards to the different experiments which are practiced utilizing the identical Mantra sooner or later.

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