Mantra for Supernatural Power of Anima Siddhi

In this publish, I’ve written a few particular Mantra that’s mentioned to grant Anima Siddhi or the supernatural energy to develop into tiny or virtually invisible to the bare eye. Anima Siddhi is one of the eight or Ashta Siddhis that allows the practitioner to develop into so small that he’s in a position to penetrate something, together with an atom.

The energy and use of Anima Siddhi has been nicely documented in varied spiritual scriptures, particularly in these regarding
Hanuman who had Siddhi over all of the Ashta Siddhis, together with Anima Siddhi.

Hanuman made the use of these Siddhis, particularly Anima Siddhi and Mahima Siddhi, which is the supernatural energy of growing the scale of the physique and making it gigantic, the Mahima Siddhi was utilized by Hanuman to carry and carry the Dronagiri Parvat to save lots of Lakshman through the Great War or Lanka.

Mantra for Supernatural Power of Becoming Tinier than a Atom

He had earlier made use of the Anima Siddhi to maneuver round unnoticed in Lanka and discover the precise location of the place the place Sita was held captive by Ravan.

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The Mantra described on this publish is devoted in direction of the Vikala Yakshini and is a variation of the Mantra that’s usually out there in most texts and in addition on the Internet for invoking the Vikala Yakshini.

This Mantra to realize Anima Siddhi has been given beneath and as per genuine scriptures on Yakshini Tantra, the Mantra needs to be chanted for three months in the home, which is the home of the practitioner.


विकले ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं ह्रूँ स्वाहा ||


Vikale Aim Hreem Shreem Hroom Swaha ||

The Tantra has not prescribed a set or particular quantity of Mantra Chants for this Vikala Yakshini Mantra Prayog. This signifies that the practitioner has to maintain chanting the Mantra as many occasions as doable, whereas he’s inside his dwelling.

The Tantra has additionally not prescribed any sort of Puja-Vidhi or accompanying ritual for this Vikala Yakshini Mantra Prayog.

The Tantra additionally mentions that after three months of the chanting of this Mantra, the Vikala Yakshini can be appeased and she is going to grant the practitioner the supernatural energy of Anima Siddhi or the flexibility of changing into tinier and the tiniest.

The description of the Vikala Yakshini doesn’t seem within the Tantra and if any reader or Yakshini Sadhak has details about her and this Prayog to develop into tinier and the tiniest particle, then he ought to kindly share his data with different readers of this web site.

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Note- It can be most applicable so as to add that such supernatural powers can solely be gained by solely a handful few and other than the chanting of the Vikala Yakshini Mantra given on this publish, there are prone to be many different elements concerned for this and related Mantra Prayogas.

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