Mango Kalakand Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen

  • To start making Mango Kalakand recipe, peel the mango, extract the pulp from each the mangoes and discard the seeds. 

  • Take a wok/kadai add mango pulp in it and warmth on medium flame.

  • Stir it for five to six minutes until mango pulp is cooked.

  • Now add sweetened condensed milk to it and blend effectively.

  • Now add crumbled cottage cheese within the combination.

  • Stir the combo slowly and effectively for 10 to 15 minutes. When you can see the combination begins getting little dry and bought blended up correctly, swap off the flame. Let it cool for five minutes.

  • Now take a greased tray, flat plate or a tray lined with butter paper and pour the combination within the tray.

  • Pat it down with a flat spatula or spoon to free the mango kalakand from being bubbly with air bubbles.

  • Then take inexperienced cardamoms, crush it and sprinkle in on the kalakand.

  • Again with a flat spoon press it gently.

  • Keep Mango Kalakand  within the fridge after bringing it all the way down to room temperature, for two to three hours to get it set.

  • Take it out and reduce Mango kalakand into your required shapes and sprinkle with dried coconut strands to garnish.

  • Serve Mango Kalakand as a dessert along with your half meal of Paneer Pulao With Green PeasCauliflower and Vegetable Curry and Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita.

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