Khandeshi Dal Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen

  • To start making the Khandeshi Dal recipe, we are going to firstly start with the pakka masala for the dal.

  • Heat the oil in a wide pan. Add grated coconut and sliced onions, sauté for three to four minutes.

  • Add dry crimson chillies, coriander cumin powder, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and black peppercorn. Saute for one more 2 to three minutes on low-medium flame.

  • Add garlic and sauté on medium flame for few seconds. Turn off the range. Let it calm down fully.

  • Once cooled, mix in a mixer or in a blender to a easy powder/paste and preserve it apart.

  • The subsequent step is to organize the dal. Clean, wash and soak the combo dals and moong in a water for atleast 30 to 40 minutes.

  • Pressure cook dinner dal and moong in a cooker with 2 cups of water, salt and turmeric powder. Boil Dal & Moong properly.

  • Add half of of the ready Pakka masala powder/paste into dal, combine properly and preserve it apart.

  • For tempering, warmth oil in a tadka pan and add mustard seeds. When the seeds crackle, add the dry crimson chillies and bayleaf. Sauté on medium flame.

  • Add the ready Dal combination, combine properly and cook dinner. Cook for three to four minutes, and stir repeatedly.

  • Add some extra Pakka masala if you would like extra flavors and spice. Add lemon juice, chopped cilantro and modify the salt accordingly.

  • Cook on low flame for a few minutes extra and switch off the range. Garnish with some chopped cilantro and serve it instantly.

  • Serve Khandeshi Dal with Boondi RaitaPhulkas or steamed rice for an ideal weekday lunch.

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