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Characteristics of Elements

What sort of character attribute does every of those components produce? According to Parasara, one who has a fiery nature might be distressed by starvation, restlessness, slim physique, braveness, studying, has a voracious urge for food, is sharp, of honest complexion, is critical, and proud.

One with the earthy nature will exude the perfume of camphor and lotus, is sensual, will at all times be pleased, robust, forgiving and has a voice like a lion’s.

The native who has ethereal nature may have information of semantics, is diplomatic, sensible, erudite and a tall physique.
Watery aspect makes for one who’s radiant, able to carrying burdens, speaks candy phrases, is king of the earth, has many pals, is light and erudite.

The options current in an individual who has an ethereal nature are generosity, anger, honest complexion, fondness for wandering, victory over enemies, king and a lean physique.

After describing the final options contributed by every of the 5 components of character, Parasara offers with the qualities which every of the 5 components will impart to the character.

Personality Traits and Elements

When the fireplace aspect is predominant which implies that the Sun or Mars is powerful, then the individual’s face and physique will shine like gold. And he may have vivid eyes. He is profitable in his undertakings, triumphant and rich.
The preponderance of the earthy aspect (robust Mercury) makes one exude the perfume of many sorts. He may have clear hair, tooth and nails. He may have comforts, wealth and is non secular.

The preponderance of the ethereal aspect means for a powerful Jupiter, which makes an individual an skilled in dialog and who will get happiness by listening to auspicious sounds. When there’s a preponderance of the watery aspect (robust Moon or Venus) then it makes one’s physique comfortable, has bodily comforts and will get scrumptious meals of his selection.

The preponderance of the ethereal aspect (robust Saturn) makes an individual soiled, an fool, depressing, stricken with illness, sorrows and grief.

After discussing how the 5 components color character, Parasara lays the situation that the qualities ascribe to every of the 5 components will manifest totally supplied the planets ruling them possess energy. If the planets are weak, the involved qualities of the weather won’t be efficient. He additionally says that when the native experiences unhealthy outcomes and if he doesn’t know his start particulars to solid a horoscope he ought to use the consequences described above to determine the Dasa he’s in and will do the mandatory measures to pacify the planet who’s the Dasa lord.

Trigunas and planets

The 5 components are solely one of many media by which the planets affect the human character and its high quality. But in deciding the fundamental nature of the character, the planets have a extra essential and efficient medium of operation. And this medium is the Trigunas. The planets are categorised in accordance with their rulership of the three Gunas or qualities. The Trigunas, Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas are the first components of the human character. And their manifestation in character is what we see as its goodness and evil. The Srimad Bhagavad Gita additionally discusses the significance of the Trigunas. Lord Krishna’s sermon to Arjuna within the battlefield to deliver again his misplaced braveness and presence of thoughts comprises priceless statement concerning human character.

Lord Krishna in Chapter XIIV provides an in depth exposition of the Gunas. He says that among the many three qualities, Sattwa Guna is the purest which illuminates and is with out sorrow and provides information and happiness. Rajo Guna originates from need and lust and makes one do acts with the intention to fulfill one’s lust and to fulfil one’s wishes. Tamo Guna is a product of ignorance and it results in madness, laziness and sleep. Lord Krishna says that the results of Sattwic motion is purification. Rajasic motion produces sorrow. And ignorance is the results of the Tamasic motion. He additional says that Sattwa Guna produces information whereas Rajo Guna provides greed and Tamo Guna provides insanity, delusion and ignorance. Lord Krishna’s phrases present how these three fundamental qualities function in human character in various levels to make an individual an angel or a satan.

The Sattwa Guna planets are the Sun, the Moon and the  Jupiter. The Mercury and the Venus are Rajo Guna planets. And the Mars and the Saturn type the workforce of Tamo Guna planets. When the affect of the Sattwaguna planets is dominant it makes for an individual with good character. The predominant affect of Rajo Guna planets Mercury and Venus make one Rajoguni and who’s clever. When the Tamoguna planets affect is predominant one turns into an fool. If all of the planets are equal in energy then there might be a combination of the three Gunas. Based on the three qualities, the sage classifies the characters into 4 sorts. And they’re Uttama (wonderful), Madhyama (reasonable), Adhama (inferior) and Udaseena (detached).

The Sattwaguna individual has management over his senses, practises non secular austerity, is pure, affected person, honest, with out greed and truthful.

The Rajoguna individual is courageous, radiant, self assured, intelligent, doesn’t flee from struggle and protects virtuous folks.

Avarice, mendacity, stupidity, inertia and servitude are the qualities present in a Tamoguna individual.

Agriculture and business, taking care of cattle, telling each fact and lies are the qualities of a Udaseena individual.

The Parasari classification of character into 4 sorts can be utilized to determine the suitability of a job for an individual. If two folks whether or not as a grasp and a servant or as a husband and spouse belong to the identical high quality, their relationship will at all times be marked by affection and stability. The mutual compatibility of those 4 varieties of characters is as follows: Adhama-Udaseena, Udaseena-Madhyama, Madhyama-Uttama. The relationship of two folks belonging to every of those three teams might be marked by love and affection.

Between the bride and bridegroom, if the latter has higher qualities, they’ll have mutual attachment and love. It is similar because the case of a grasp and his servant. If the bride and the servant posses higher qualities, then the outcomes might be reverse. Parasara’s suggestion concerning the bride and bridegroom can be utilized in horoscope matching which with different matching parameters will improve the standard of married life.

Parasara says that the 4 varieties of qualities acquired by an individual are the results of his genes, his start time and his associations. The start time issue and associations outweigh the genes think about imparting the qualities to an individual. The Parasara’s statement underscores the significance of the affect of the planets on human character and for that matter on human life.

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