I will file an FIR. There was a criminal plot to defeat me in Rajya Sabha polls, says RK Anand

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A Congress delegation together with Indian National Lok Dal & Congress supported candidate for Rajya Sabha RK Anand popping out after a assembly with Chief Election Commissioner over their demand for re-poll alleging conspiracy behind their loss in the Rajya Sabha elections in Haryana. (Source: PTI)

Before the election to the Rajya Sabha seat from Haryana, Independent candidate R Ok Anand stated he had the numbers — the Congress and INLD, Om Prakash Chautala’s get together, formally supported the veteran lawyer. But when the poll field was opened, Anand was shocked. A violet sketch pen was blamed for his debacle. Subhash Chandra, a media baron, emerged victorious as 14 votes of the Congress have been rejected as a result of the MLAs had used the mistaken marker. Anand now says he will file an FIR in Chandigarh in opposition to Chandra for what he calls a “criminal” plot to defeat him. Excerpts from an interview:

You say a criminal plot defeated you, what’s the “criminal” factor?

One, introduction of a mistaken pen is dishonest. By doing so, you induced Congress MLAs to forged their vote utilizing the mistaken pen. So, Section 420 is relevant right here. Marking the doc with a mistaken pen turned the doc into a false notice. That is an offence below Section 463. Serious offences have been dedicated, violating sections of the Representation of the People Act.


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Where is the proof that the pen was swapped?

There are movies. Why did 13 MLAs vote with one pen? I can perceive one marking with purple, yellow or blue or a ball pen or ink pen. But how have been all marked with one mistaken pen? Who introduced it there, who eliminated it? We know when the mistaken pen started to be used and the way Jaiprakash, Independent MLA, entered the room and the pen was corrected. He used the traditional EC pen. How is it doable? Jai Parkash is shut to Bhupinder Singh Hooda. I repeat, I know just one factor —- when the mistaken pen was sneaked in and when it was withdrawn.

But no one can say with authority that pens have been swapped?

Yes, I agree. But the EC will absolutely look at the sample of voting. And the sample of rejected poll papers. The EC will discover that Aseem Goel, BJP MLA, remained in the room for too lengthy. He took an unusually very long time to forged his vote. To mark the poll, one wants half a minute. He spent 5 minutes. He was Number 93. After him, from Number 94 (Renuka Bishnoi) to Number 106 (Jagbir Singh Malik), all voted with the mistaken pen and have been marked invalid. At Number 104, Hooda voted however his paper was clean and due to this fact invalid. Suddenly, from 107, the votes have been legitimate. This implies that somebody modified the pen after 93 after which modified it once more after 107 to enable votes for Subhash Chandra. There was a conspiracy to defeat me and so they needed Chandra elected.

Who was behind it?

The BJP, Aseem Goel, Subhash Chandra and Jai Prakash. It’s a easy story. In the identical room two pens have been discovered. Some poll papers have been rejected for utilizing the mistaken markers and others weren’t. Let the EC discover out who modified the pen, when and why.

What are your choices?

I will go to the EC. I will file an FIR. Subhash Chandra received elected as a result of my votes have been rejected. So, subsequent time in case you don’t have votes in the RS election, you possibly can nonetheless guarantee your victory by plotting in order that the winner’s votes get rejected. It’s a fraud on democracy, a subversion of the election course of.

But Congressmen weren’t precisely prepared to vote for you in the primary place. Why ought to Hooda and his MLAs offer you their votes?

You are proper if you say they weren’t politically with me, however they’d extra issues with the INLD. They presumed I am a part of the INLD. But I declare that I am a Congressman from day one. I fought Mrs Indira Gandhi’s case. I was with Mrs Gandhi in her case in opposition to Maneka Gandhi. I have dealt with Rajiv Gandhi’s case and Soniaji’s case. I was a lawyer in P V Narasimha Rao’s instances, too.

In this case you satisfied solely Sonia Gandhi. That doesn’t imply Hooda ought to enable you?

That could also be right. It is between Mrs Gandhi and Haryana leaders to resolve… There are Congressmen whose votes have been discovered legitimate. Barring Hooda, all Congressmen voted for me. Their marking was mistaken however they marked appropriately in opposition to my title.

Why ought to Hooda vote for you and harm his politics in opposition to INLD?

It’s not a query of voting for me or not. The query earlier than the Congress was, who’s their larger enemy? BJP or INLD? At a private degree, who ought to Congressmen select, Subhash Chandra or R Ok Anand? Subhash Chandra is Subhash Chandra! He is among the largest enemies of the Congress. I am by no means an enemy of the Congress.

In retrospect do you assume it might have been higher in case you had cajoled the MLAs whose votes you needed? Instead of Sonia or Rahul Gandhi, ought to you’ve gone to Hooda?

I know Hooda. I am not unknown to him. I went to see him as nicely.

Did he agree to vote?

I had 18 votes of the INLD. I wanted lower than 12 votes. Even with 10 Congress votes, I may have gained. In truth, with each events supporting me, I had extra votes than I wanted. There was no query of me shedding the election. I agree Hooda had not agreed to vote for me. But greater than 10 different Congressmen voted for me. Everybody will not be below Hooda. Everybody has their very own profession. Without the excessive command, they might not have been MLAs. The excessive command took the choice to help me. Congressmen voted for me, however their votes have been rejected on technical floor of the marker.

Why did Sonia Gandhi agree to help your candidature?

I satisfied her. I confirmed her my place. I had votes of the INLD. Why enable a free hand to Subhash Chandra, who’s enemy No. 1? He is blasting you all over the place on a regular basis. You should perceive one factor. Chautala was a part of the NDA. It is I who introduced again Chautala to the Congress fold. It’s not an simple activity. For the Congress, I was getting two votes of the INLD in Rajya Sabha and two in Lok Sabha, too, if I had gained.

In your view, Subhash Chandra’s election to RS and your defeat will not be last?

It has to be put aside. Changing of pen is a criminal offence. Period. He can not get into the Rajya Sabha.

But the EC has restricted powers in the matter. Once he’s declared elected, there’s not a lot the EC or you are able to do.

I agree that the EC’s powers are restricted. But they’ve put aside elections in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu for a lot smaller offences. They have used extraordinary powers. This case is extra obvious. It’s a case the place election equipment — poll papers and pen — is misused and abused to get entry into the Rajya Sabha.

What is probably the most essential proof you’ve immediately?

It speaks for itself. Can all poll papers that have been rejected be marked with one pen until the pen is modified?

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