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Horoscope Compatibility

Apart from the star compatibility, the compatibility of horoscopes must also be thought-about earlier than a call is made on marriage. The Papasamya ought to be checked in regards to the favorable and unfavorable positions of the malefic planets and primarily based on the ascendant, Moon and Venus. If the malefic planets of Mars, Sun, Saturn, and Rahu are positioned within the ascendant, 2, 4, 7, 8, 12th homes within the horoscopes of female and male then they need to be equally robust in each the horoscopes.

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For a malefic planet located within the seventh or eighth home of the feminine horoscope, a malefic planet within the seventh home of the male horoscope can be the one resolution. As an answer for malefic planets within the Vyayadhanahibuka positions (12, 2, 4), it should be ensured that there are malefic planets in 12, 2 and 4th positions in each the horoscopes. Generally, values are given within the type of 1 for ascendant, ½ for Moon and ¼ for Venus. It is all the time higher if the malefic planets in each the horoscopes are equal. A slight improve within the malefic factors (as much as worth 1) of the male horoscope could be handed. The malefic factors within the feminine horoscope shouldn’t in any means be larger than that within the male horoscope. The presence of Jupiter yoga or Drishti reduces the dosha.

If Mars is the lord of the ascendant then there is not going to be Mars dosha.

Mars is malefic in all the homes (12, 1, 2, 4, 7, 8) for which Papasamya is checked. Mars dosha shouldn’t be attributed if Mars is occupying the eighth. because the lord of the seventh home. (eg: Tula, Vrisha, ascendant)

With Mars within the eighth, if there’s a benefic planet within the ninth home, then Mars dosha shouldn’t be attributed.

Mars with Jupiter yoga or Drishti just isn’t thought-about malefic.

If Mars, as lord of the ascendant, is occupying the eighth. (within the feminine horoscope), then there isn’t any Mars dosha.

The scenario within the eighth. ought to be confirmed contemplating the home.

In each feminine and male horoscope, Mars within the eighth. creates dosha.


The Dasha sandhi in each the horoscopes ought to be evaluated earlier than matching them. There ought to be at the very least one yr distinction between the intervals when Dasas finish in each the horoscopes.

Rahu/Jupiter Dasasandhi for males, Venus/Sun Dasasandhi for ladies and Mars/Rahu Dasasandhi for each men and women are hostile. The Dasasandhi of the lords of three, 5, and seven homes are additionally unfavorable.

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