Don’t let wealth determine your happiness

Can an individual reside with out wealth? In the true world, dwelling with out cash is unimaginable, as a result of every thing has a value. But, how a lot wealth can we really need? And can it outline our outlook in direction of life and happiness?

This YoursWisely video fantastically narrates the predicament, by telling the story of a sage who as soon as discovered a coin mendacity on the highway. He picked it up with the intention of giving it to somebody who was in want of it. The sage walked the entire day, however in useless. He couldn’t discover a single one that he thought wanted it. Disappointed, he returned dwelling.

The following morning, when he was outdoors his home, the king and his military arrived at his doorstep. The king requested for the sage’s blessings, as a result of he was about to enter battle, with a purpose to win extra lands and be extra highly effective. The sage smiled and determined to offer the coin to the king. This enraged him, since he was already a king and wanted no wealth. “Why would you give me this coin? What is the meaning of this?” he requested, to which the sage replied: “I was looking for someone needy to give this coin to. Yesterday, I looked and looked, but everyone was happy and satisfied. They didn’t need more. But today, you came to me. You are the king, but you still want more. You are still not satisfied. I think you need this coin.”

‘I am not who you think I am; you are who you think I am’

This put the king to disgrace. He realised his mistake and determined to surrender the expedition.

The story aptly describes a human being’s want to own extra wealth than they have already got. This want fuels the necessity to amass increasingly, till they’re blinded by wealth and the thought of happiness. But, wealth just isn’t happiness, a minimum of it shouldn’t be made out to be.

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