Doddapatre Tambuli Recipe (Karpooravalli Thayir Pachadi) by Archana’s Kitchen

Doddapatre Tambuli Recipe is a well-liked therapeutic, nourishing chilly yoghurt curry from Karnataka. Doddapatre, often known as Big Thyme in English, Ajwain leaves in Hindi, Karpooravalli in Tamil, Owa in Marathi and Pani Koorka in Malayalam – is understood to have loads of medicinal values. It has a really distinct odor and flavour to it, which resembles camphor and is understood to enhance digestion, relieve chest congestion and have total good well being advantages. It additionally reduces pores and skin associated points when crushed and the juice utilized on delicate areas. Tambuli is a chilly yoghurt curry made by grinding a herb, vegetable or spice with coconut and a handful of spices. Sometimes it is usually given a tempering which reinforces the flavours. Serve this Doddapatre Tambuli together with sizzling Steamed Rice and ghee as the primary course throughout a South Indian lunch or dinner.

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