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The world is in a panic state of affairs owing to the Covid-19 virus assault. This illness can turn out to be a larger risk even when even a single individual is careless due to this fact, all of us are collectively on this and we have now to combat it as one.

From an astrological viewpoint, we can not neglect this pandemic illness state of affairs. Different astrologists are pointing to totally different causes for this case however probably the most practical and exact based on the ‘Vedic astrology’ is the ‘Athichara’ of ‘Guru’ or Jupiter.

Normally, ‘Guru’ stays in a zodiac signal for a yr. This yr alone, there will probably be an ‘Athichara’ and a ‘Vakram’. ‘Athichara’ means the planet is travelling quick, whereas, in actuality, Jupiter’s velocity stays unchanged. We have this false expertise due to our view from Earth that has an oval-shaped round movement. On November fifth, 2019, Guru travelled from Vrishchika Rashi to Dhanu Rashi. By June 30, Guru will travel again to Dhanu Rashi.

In astrology, ‘Guru’ is taken into account because the consultant of the God Almighty. One of the optimistic planets and the most important of them, Guru’s travelling velocity will not be favorable as of now. God Vishnu is taken into account because the grasp of Sthithi, within the ‘Srishti Sthithi Samhara’ idea. In astrology, Guru is representing Lord Vishnu. Hence Guru’s travel in ‘Athichara’ is making the world unstable now.

Specifically interested by India, Kanni Rashi must be considered. Guru’s travel in Dhanu Rashi is best than its travel in Vrishchika Rashi. But this isn’t the favorable time. Financial loss enhance in casualties and distinction of opinion with neighboring locations is prone to happen throughout this era. Even Makara Rashi will not be a positive Rashi for Guru. Still, the calculations predict that India will come out of this pandemic with none doubt.

Everyone can pray with out even going to any worshipping locations. God is omnipresent and he’ll hear you from anyplace. Now, we must always take into account medical doctors, nurses, and different social staff within the place of God. To deliver again the perfect state of affairs, we must always assist them and obey their directions.

Each individual is a part of the society and nation-building begins from the fundamental tenets of the society, that’s us! Hence, every and everybody ought to observe applicable hygiene measures and keep away from pointless travelling proper now. If you’ve got any signs of Covid-19, do attain out for medical assist immediately.

Don’t panic and don’t lose hope. Keep the idea alive, you possibly can chant “Vishnu Sahsra Nama, Vishnu Gayathri Manthra and other Vishnu Sthothras or chant Om Namo Bagavathe Vasudevaya” for 108 instances. This will maintain you calm and relaxed.

Hopefully, we’ll assist ourselves, our nation and the world to beat this contagion disaster quickly.

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