Cheeky lion cub scaring its mother is the sweetest thing you’ll see today

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The lioness is seen with three cubs in her enclosure when the candy second occurred. (Source: Edinburgh Zoo/Facebook)

Motherhood is not a simple feat and it’s not simply restricted to the human world. But amid all works, there are many cute moments, even when your infant is being naughty. Recently, one such candy second was captured on digicam at Edinburgh Zoo in the United Kingdom, the place a bit of lion cub determined to scare its mother, and the end result is cute.

In the video going viral, the new mother is seen watching over its three little cubs in an enclosure. While the lioness is seen attempting to chill out a bit and watch its two cubs enjoying in entrance, considered one of the cheeky cubs determined to scare the mother from behind. Predictably, she obtained startled however   and the second left netizens in splits on-line.

Sharing the cute clip on the zoo’s Facebook web page, the employees wrote, “Trying to relax when you have little ones 😴😂” with hashtag ‘Relatable’ as many mothers round the world discovered it fairly acquainted.

Thanking the zoo for the clip, a person remarked, “She got a fright I think.” Others tagged their companions to say the way it reminded them of an identical state of affairs. “Just wait till they start annoying their Dad. That’s always a giggle,” joked one person, whereas others agreeing it’s relatable commented, “I know what you mean but you still love them”.

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