Actor Pooja Verma alleges groupism in Punjabi industry | Punjabi Movie News

Pooja Verma, who has completed 5 Punjabi movies together with, ‘22g Tussi Ghaint Ho’, ‘Baaz‘, ‘Dakuan Da Munda‘, ‘15 Lakh Kadon Aauga’ has come out alleging groupism in the Punjabi industry that’s “hindering talented people from getting work here”. In an interplay with ETimes, Pooja stated, “Even after giving your 100% you realise you won’t get a good film in Punjabi because you don’t belong to a pre-existing group,and that hurts.” After the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput and the allegations of nepotism having raked Bollywood, it appears this has given braveness to actors from different industries to talk up too.

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“I dwell in Delhi and simply to satisfy the Punjabi producers I’d travel forwards and backwards from Delhi and generally even from Mumbai the place I used to be doing a TV serial, ‘NaamKaran’. And they might have a number of conferences for finalizing one movie. At least 3-Four instances it occurred that after finalizing me, sending me the settlement, blocking my dates, producers would inform me they changed me with one other actress. One of the producers didn’t even hassle to tell me. It was solely after I known as them that they instructed me I had been changed. I used to be shocked,” she stated. Pooja went on so as to add that almost all Punjabi producers wish to work with the identical set of actresses time and again. “There should be a fair chance given to everyone else too to prove themselves. Just because we have no godfather in the industry, doesn’t mean we should get pushed over like this.”

Pooja additionally accuses the Punjabi producers of paying poorly to the actors. “Despite five years in this industry, the remuneration they offer me is pittance. In fact, just before the lockdown I was meeting a Punjabi producer for a film and they were kind of dallying over finalizing me over my fee. I agree Punjabi industry is still rising, but what they pay is really meagre,” she stated.

Pooja additionally goes on to speak in regards to the “unprofessionalism” rampant in the industry. “I have had two producers cancel my role because I told them to speak to my manager for finalizing details as I was busy in a shoot. They have such inflated egos that they said, ‘we don’t have time to speak to managers and we either talk directly to actors or we take someone else’.”

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