9 Encouraging Signs A New World Culture Is Being Born

A new world tradition is being born. It remains to be within the throes of labor, and it’s a painful and drawn out beginning, however it’s occurring, and the indicators are in every single place.

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The Old World Culture

This new world tradition is in stark opposition to the previous world tradition, which is characterised by egoism, greed, lust for energy, wars, revenge, killings, and bloodshed. The previous world tradition is one the place he, who has energy, guidelines with out justice, the place mental predators seize what they’ll, the place cash is king, the place company greed is clear and the place empathy with one´s fellow man is missing in scope. In the previous world tradition, the slogan is “it is better to take than to give”. It is that this mentality that has created the darkness we’ve skilled within the final century and are nonetheless experiencing, characterised by wars, terrorism, greed, and egoism. It is the place it’s each man for himself.

The new world tradition is rising out of the ruins of the previous. From the rubble of the bombed homes, the wounded and defeated individuals crawl forth, solely to make it clear to the world that they don’t need any extra warfare. They wish to assist different beings and stay in peace. How do I do know that the brand new world tradition will emerge and that it’ll lastly conquer the previous? I do know for 2 causes:

Martinus, a Man with Cosmic Consciousness

For the final 23 years, I’ve been finding out the wonderful revelations of Martinus, the Danish visionary and mystic. When he was 30, Martinus achieved cosmic consciousness, which meant that he may see past the bodily aircraft into the spiritual aircraft past, the place all the things has its origin. Martinus had a deep understanding of the legal guidelines of life, and he may predict what’s to come back. And he very clearly predicted the beginning of a brand new world tradition characterised by altruism, empathy, oneness, peace, humanitarianism, spirituality, artwork and common love.

The Larger Perspective

This new world tradition will come up as a logical consequence of the downfall of the previous. In this connection, it have to be emphasised that we don’t solely stay one life however an limitless collection of lives. When we’ve skilled lots of struggling in a single life, primarily based on our egoism, we’re reborn with a information that we don’t wish to repeat these darkish and depressing experiences. We are reborn figuring out that killing is not any good, and we attempt to stay in peace with all our coronary heart. This is after we flip our backs to warfare, to the ability seekers of the world, to the warlords and the flashy millionaires. This is after we say: sufficient. This is the primary purpose why I do know.

The Signs of the Emerging New World Culture

The second purpose I do know is that the indicators of the rising new world tradition are clear to see, despite the fact that they’re happening at a grassroots stage and aren’t but very a lot within the limelight.

This is evidenced by the next observations:

  1. People wish to assist different individuals. Where there are conflicts volunteers flock to the zones to supply their help to these in want. Humanitarian organizations are gathering cash and sending support to warfare zones. Many individuals can’t stay with themselves if they don’t supply to assist.
  2. The previously so typically accepted concept that we have to eat the flesh of animals to outlive is being questioned and deserted in various international locations, and it’s gaining momentum day by day. It is changing into more and more clear that consuming protein from the lifeless our bodies of animals is pointless and certainly a critical well being danger. Vegetarianism and veganism are rising, as we come to comprehend that the animals we eat are our fellow beings and that the economic meat manufacturing is unethical, merciless and unworthy.
  3. The exaggerated consumerism is weakening. We are within the means of realizing that we don’t want all that ‘stuff’. We don’t want 30 t-shirts, 20 shirts, 15 pairs of trousers and 35 pairs of sneakers. And we don’t want our garments to be produced beneath sub-human circumstances in third world international locations, the place the employees slave away beneath appalling circumstances for a pittance. We are realizing that we’d like much less and what we would like is merchandise made beneath respectable circumstances the place the employees are paid a correct wage.
  4. A large means of cleaning is happening. All over the planet, all of the ´shit´ is coming to the floor. Corruption is being revealed, fraudulent manufacturing strategies are being disclosed, politicians are caught with their fingers within the cookie jar, the cruelty of the meat business is revealed and the uncertain strategies of the pharmaceutical firms to develop their business are coming to the floor. It is as if ´homicide will out´. This is a time of cleaning and of disclosure of all the things that isn’t respectable, not OK and never in the very best curiosity of extraordinary individuals.
  5. We wish to eat meals that has been grown with out using pesticides and poison. The motion for ecology is rising day by day, and the sale of organically grown meals is quick overtaking the sale of the non-organically grown meals.
  6. We take our well being into our personal fingers. We now not put our well being into the fingers of physicians however take duty for our personal well-being by selecting a wholesome lifestyle, consuming greens and fruit, consuming much less alcohol, being non-smokers, exercising extra and pondering wholesome ideas.
  7. We wish to cease polluting and depleting the assets of the earth. There is a robust motion towards throwing plastic within the seas and in nature, and the exploitation of the pure assets in e.g. The Amazonas by the few for their very own profit is assembly sturdy opposition. We are realizing that the earth can be a residing being that we should deal with with respect and love. The assets of the earth belong to everyone and never simply to a couple magnates which have the cash to take advantage of them for their very own profit.
  8. The burning of fossil fuels is being deserted and new alternative routes to supply the electrical energy all of us want are being invented. We desire a cleaner Earth and we’re realizing that we’ve to deal with the Earth with love and respect.
  9. A spiritual awakening is happening, and it’s rising day by day. We now not need the previous, dogmatic religions, however we nonetheless desire a spiritual side of our lives. We have turn out to be looking souls, trying to find a deeper which means and a purpose why we’re right here. We need spiritual perception that appeals to our mind. It can be starting to daybreak on us, that this will not be the one life we stay, and that what occurs to us is our personal karma. We follow yoga and meditate, we search solutions to life´s huge questions. Martinus´ work affords us these solutions and far more. It appeals to our mind and as soon as we’ve turn out to be acquainted with it, we all know why and the way the brand new world tradition will conquer the previous.

In the brand new world tradition, all forms of cruelty could have been deserted. We will stay in peace and we are going to assist and assist one another. We will stay by the slogan “it is better to give than to take”. We follow common love and we’re pals with everyone. The idea of an enemy has been deserted and we all know that we’re all one.

The world image of Martinus is a deeply optimistic one as a result of along with his cosmic consciousness he may see that our future is vibrant and delightful as a result of in the future the brand new world tradition will overthrow the previous, and concord, peace, equality, and love will reign. In 500 years, the final warfare will likely be fought on this planet and from then on, the brand new world tradition will likely be within the lead and the previous world tradition will slowly die.

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